The Inspiration for Breathless

My Sources of Inspiration

Have you ever had a sudden epiphany that caused you to believe that you could do something you never even considered? Did something or someone ever just inspire you? Well, for me, it wasn’t exactly a sudden epiphany, but more like a gradual realization that made me want to become something more than the introverted girl that I am. It started back when I was a little kid with a big imagination.

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with horses and unicorns. My favorite movie was The Last Unicorn and I loved the part where the unicorn was turned into Lady Amalthea. Later on when I liked My Little Ponies, I made up my own original pony that kind look like the unicorn from the movie. I called her StarShimmer and she was a white-winged unicorn with the same symbol on her as the one on Lady Amalthea’s forehead. In sixth grade I was already attempting to write My Little Pony fan fiction with StarShimmer as the main character.

In seventh grade I went through my Winx Club phase. Winx Club was a show about girls who were fairies. It was kind of like Sailor Moon, but not a real anime. Because I watched that show, StarShimmer changed from a pony to a fairy winged girl. I was constantly drawing and changing my character with no idea that this character was going to play an important role in a future book of mine. During this time, I was always online after school, chatting with the friends I made through My Little Pony and Winx Club fan sites. We role played stories and fan fiction, using our own characters and creating a continuous storyline. Many of the girls I talked to we just as creative and imaginative as me. It was always fun and we had a great time even though in real life we didn’t know each other because to them I was “Star.”

My creativity grew when I took up reading books in eighth grade. Mrs. Webster was the teacher who helped me get into reading with the hundred pages minimum per week goal we each had. I read more unicorn books, and all of them pretty short. I was writing better than I had ever before while I was in her class. I used to get nothing higher than a C on my papers. Some of the assignments in that class were fun. I loved the one where I wrote a scary ghost story about a girl baby sitting in a haunted house.

In march I decided to partake in the Reflections contest at Hubble. It was a contest where you had to write a poem, song or story or do an art piece based off of a theme. The winners would receive gifts cards of various values for the upcoming book fair as well as certain stores. The theme was “wondering why.” I really wanted to enter something artsy and amazing, but I didn’t know what to paint. So I had a better idea. I’d write a song! The lyrics came to me and I wrote the chorus, “Wondering why, if nobody’s perfect, then I guess it isn’t worth it. Why give up at a time like this? Rise above the rest.”

I showed it to my mom and sang it to her. “That’s really good, Haley. Maybe you’ll win something.” Knowing me, I doubted that. I never won anything in my life, but I was about to be proved wrong. A week or two later I received an envelope with my name on it during my first hour writing and literature class. “What’s this?” I asked Mrs. Webster as she gave it to me. “I don’t know. Open it.” I tore the envelope open. The paper ripped open with a crinkling sound. I pulled out a red piece of paper and read it. It was a five dollar gift certificate for the book fair. Astonishment and excitement filled me. I won something. I actually won something for my creativity! I was so happy. A guy next asked, “What’s it for?” I replied, “I won a gift card for the book fair because my reflection entry was good,” I noticed my song was stapled to the red certificate. I was thinking of tearing it off because I was going to spend the certificate, but I decided to show my parents first. “That’s cool,” the guy said. I put envelope and certificate in my binder for safe keeping. This just made my morning a little brighter. With sunshine beaming through the glass windows, nothing seemed impossible.

A few days later we went to the book fair. It was in the library and our whole first period class went. I made sure I brought extra money just in case the gift card wasn’t enough. I was planning to get the book called Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. A few weeks back we had watched a video about new books that were going to be at the book fair. This book seemed pretty cool. The preview said it was about kids with detachable wing and I though, “How cool is that?”

The library at the old Hubble smelled like a mix off old dust and new paper that day and I had the taste of adventure on the tip of my tongue and a skimmed through all the paper back and hard covers stacked in cardboard displays. I ventured over to the displays near the computer lab and then a gleam of blue and gold caught my eye. There it was. Maximum Ride. I paid for the book and tried to read it later on. I still wasn’t a very fast reader and it was going to take a while to get through the four-hundred and forty pages of this book. One day in math class I left under my desk and it was gone. I went back to the classroom and to the lost-and-found. I never again saw the copy that I bought that day. When I got home I told her, “I lost the book I bought. Can we go get another one?” She told me to wait a few days and see if someone turned it in. No one did and it was only after I bought another copy at Target did I find out that annoying kid that made fun of me in that class swiped it from me. Middle school was not the best years of my life, let me tell you that.

I didn’t start reading the book again till summer, and during vacation. I really like the story, but it was hard to take it in when we had sights to see. The book fell behind the back seat and I found later, the pages damp and water damaged. “Haley, you need to be more responsible with your things,” my dad chided me. I whined for a bit and let my book dry out in the sun. When we got back from vacation I blazed through the crinkly pages like my life depended on it, because that’s exactly what the main character Max said. In the prologue it said to keep reading because your life may depend on it, so I did. Not that I believed it, but it was a really fast-paced action-fantasy. I loved it and it’s now my favorite series. As soon as I finished it printed out a picture of the sequel’s cover, gathered what little money I had and said to my mom, “Can you get this book for me?” She said she’d do it and I handed her the money. I read the second book in days and could’ve wait for the third one. James Patterson was turning out to be a great author. His writing style was so easy to read, but he didn’t have any other young adult books, but I found out he had another book like Maximum Ride but it was called When The Wind Blows. I checked out and tried to read it, but I wasn’t ready for adult books just yet.

Before my fourteenth birthday and before starting school, strange new ideas buzzed around in my head. Late one night I grabbed a note book and started to write. I wrote, “I live in a world you may not understand. Okay, maybe you do.” I would later write a prologue and change chapter one’s beginning to, “What could a girl want more than anything else for her birthday? An iPod, a pony, a guitar, a laptop computer, maybe, but would she expect a pair of wings? I didn’t think so.” An epic story was forming in my mind. One about a fourteen-year-year old girl who found out that she was a princess of a world called Crystaralight. James Patterson’s story inspired me to give my character angel wing rather than my original idea of a girl that turned into a winged unicorn. My new obsession book-wise was angels and with every angel-related book I read I got new idea. I never copied off of any other author’s ideas. Mine ideas were mine only and I shared my story with my friends as it went along. Sarah Carlson a.k.a. Serallina Alaula Shinara a.k.a. Star was my character based off of me. With the help of my friend, online or otherwise, I created other characters for my story. Names like Sky and Rose and Daniel came along. Each princess or prince character had a special power, wings and an amulet. I even made up transformations like in some anime I’ve seen. I created a profile for each character and drew them. I posted part of my story and the characters on my new website. I was so happy when I got my first comment. Everybody who read my story seemed to like it. At least the girl, it wasn’t really a guy’s story anyway. It was only in my senior year off high school that I really picked up the pace on my story. My computer had crashed a few times and I almost gave up. Most of my story online and I only lost about a page of it to the crash. It’s hard to believe that I’m now here, in college and I’ve written and edited twenty-six chapters and counting for my book that I’m going to call Breathless: Discovering the Light. So far it’s about one-hundred and eighty pages in the young adult book standard size, and fifty pages in a word document in twelve-point font, Times New Roman.

Who knew that winning a contest and buying a book, reading it and loving it plus all my little fantasy related obsession could push me to actually giving book writing a go? The fact that that sequence of events happened to influence my decision to write a fantasy series must mean something. Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s my muse. Maybe it’s just me chasing dreams. And every time I write I can’t help thinking, as corny as it sounds, how amazing it is that a normal, creative girl like me could write a book like this? Cynically, I think, let’s just hope it gets published.

The less formal explanation (with pictures):
It all started when I watched the movie The Last Unicorn. I got the star for StarShimmer off of Lady Amalthea's forehead in the movie.

In 6th grade, I was really into My Little Pony, the 3rd generation of them. I have a ton of them in the shed now, I mean, plastic, what a waiste of money?
I made up a story character as MLP fanfic, my OC and username on the MLP sites was StarShimmer.
She was raised a normal pony, then one day finds out that she's a pegahorn princess of Crystaralight. I made all these pony characters and stuff.
I was so jealous of the person who made that Luna MLP fanfic, that I just had to make my own with an OC
My old MLP art is here in the last 10 pages:
Anyways, after the My Little Pony obsession, it was Winx Club, which was really in the middle of my pony obsesion. Unicorns are still cool to me!
Winx club was a TV show about fairies from other planets. Princesses that went to Alfea, so that's where I got the other planets stuff from. The amulet of light on the other hand came from a bunch off thing. If you saw the movie The Last Unicorn or if you read some books, you'd know:

I started CSLMC as a Winx Club fan-message bored. I also became know as Star there, and was the admin. I made friends with people from 4kids Winx boards and found a way to get them to the board I made because 4kids wouldn't let us post links. Dumb strict moderators. I have like 10 websites now. Message boards, these 2 blogs and my Breathless site.

On 4kids I met Bunny (Lori B) and we became friends and talked about magical powers and that we could be magical cousins and she might be Elara from Celestina, with sun powers. So she joined CSLMC, as did Di, and Tot, and Nept and so many other people. Some, the other people, were rpers. Matti came and she was such a role player, it wasn't any funny. She was only 9 then.

I was 13. I was 14 when I started the whole Breathless Story.

Matti/Marianne T/Lexi(Alexial) as othersiders know her. She loves pink. Her and Lori became Online BFFs and I just hung out and admined. I became friends with her later on.We got in fights alot. Telling harsh realities. It was hard to be admin. To sort out situations, bann people who disrupted the peace. I made a few awesome members admins. Mostly older members. Global Moderators were experianced too. Mods were just the young ones. I still run the message board. We're failing on RPGs now though.

Maybe I just am bored and wish I could fly. When I read Maximum Ride, it took me pretty much the whole summer to finish it. I kept putting it down. I wasn't into reading big books back in 8th grade. I read the whole Unicorns of Balinor series, which also has some stuff in my story. It wasn't until May of 2007 till I had an Epiphany

So I made Angels on the Run. I let people think it was real. I thought it was cool.

Lori later joined it and we made it our rpg. Personal rpg. She introduced Arella having her own blog. She commented on mine. We made up a story how we met her, I added her to our team. It was Sara (Serallina which mean Angel of Light) and Rose and Dan, Aden, Tara, Skye and Gail. Arella bonded. Later we added Andrea, Kyana, and Sileny. Matti wanted to join. She wanted in. So she made Chrissie and we did that same thing. She then made Amaya and then Dannii. Too many blonds I said. Too many people I said. 14? WAAAAYYY too many.

Then Aura and her crew came along. They posted on out blog saying they were from Pyrite, which was Garner's REAL name, according to them. We yelled at them, calling them RPers. They wanted to meet my flock, I kept making up excuses. RPing sux when some other RP not into it come along saying they wanna join, meet us. Saying they need help.

Aura, Amber, Lorelei/Lori(not bunny), Luna, Renee(which Matti made up, then they made her REAL), Taimi, Lucy, Diego/Mark, Apollo/Pyro, another Elara, Tynan, Tempest. Those where their names. They would gmail me. Gosh, they pretended to be so serious. See my 2008 posts. I quoted what they said. They commented. Then we lost them. They're probably pissed. Aura's probably just a rper of all of them. Unless they are real and gosh...we let them down.

As for Darkstar and Dragonia. I don't know if they are real.

I love angels, but the the religeon type. I liked Fallen, Supernatural, Eternal, all those angel things. I wanted to like UFOs, Angels, and Magic. It became a cool story, and I hope some day to publish it with me doing all the art stuff. I want to illustrate it and do the fansite graphics.

Character Inspiration:
Star=Haley (Myself)
Rose=Kaitlyn (My best friend)
Skye= A ponytail and jean-jacket wearing pre-teen
Gail=Angel from Maximum Ride
Tara=Nudge from Maximum Ride
Aden=Gassie from Maximum Ride
Dan=My Ideal Boyfriend
Andrea=A hot tempered teenage girl
Kyana=Irma from WITCH
Sileny=Some shy girl...