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The After Society: 40 years in the future after society as we know it fell apart, Rian, Dare, Tess, Shaz and Amia are genetically enhanced teens enduring a post-apocalyptic dystopia filled with zombies and the man-eating Predators.

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Haunting on Espen Drive: The Haunting on Espen Drive PDF.pdf


Inner Voice: A story about a psychic girl and a vampire...

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Rosetta and the Unicorn: Coming Soon


Airissa the Air Fairy: Coming Soon


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Bad Ride Gone Worse: Coming Soon


My poems are usually about summer and vacations or sometimes just random thoughts. Here are a few of my favorites that I wrote:


Summer days,
And summer nights,
Bring the best of things,
And the worst of frights.

A beautiful sunset,
On the beach, or at home,
Weather that is wet,
Or a fierce thunderstorm.

My favorite season,
Of all of the four,
Warm sunny days,
Best for being outdoors.

The funnest of memories,
In my childhood I say,
And I cherish then all,
Even till this day.


My Summer

I miss those summer afternoons,
When I went out to play,
And summer nights,
Bon fires while we caught fire flies.

Sunsets at home, or at a park in Wheaton,
Going out for ice cream at Dairy Queen,
No school, just freedom for fun at the start,
Swimming in our pool, at the YMCA, or at the water park.

I miss going shopping, staying out late,
Renting a movie, and watching it together.
Weekdays were dad went to work, and our mom took us shopping,
With summer memories, there’s no stopping.

Vacation time, going to the fair,
Six Flags, Kiddie Land, Santa’s Village, Wisconsin,
Sleepovers on weeknights, crazy cool fun,
Dreaming through the day, fun in the sun.

Tan, skin, blond hair, no sun burns in sight,
Fun outings we do, bike rides, walks in the wood,
Even fast food restraints for lunch.
Baby sitting, sometimes my brothers, when mom and dad go out.

Oh, how I wish it were summer yet.
TV, computer, outdoors, swimming, shopping, garage sales, my birthday…
Summer freedom will never end, shorts and T-shirt,
About twelve weeks only, till I’m back in school…again.


A Michigan Beach Memory

Summer sky,
Summer air,
A walk on the beach,
Along Lake Michigan’s shore.

The sun still setting,
Over the water,
Sea gulls fly,
Searching for their dinner.

We find a sandy brown piece of drift wood,
We take our shoes off and set them on it.
We walk around,
Sand between our toes.

We watch the waves,
Rise and fall,
As the tide rises,
It washes away our foot prints.

Wash the sand off,
In the lake,
Put our shoes back on,
And skip back to the car.

The Michigan beach,
At Ludington state park,
We drive slowly back to our camp site,
And we all could use a shower.

Seasons Poem

The last winter snow starts to melt
The sun starts to warm us up,
The flowers start to bloom,
And the grass starts to show.

April Showers,
Turn snow into rain,
May Flowers,
Brighten your day,
When Spring is done,
Summer will come.

Summer heat,
In the Summer sun,
Rain will soon come,
School is out,
Kids at the beach,
Will go in the water,
Just for fun.

Summer heat,
Brings summer storms,
Then the people,
Will start to run,
When the leaves start to fall,
When Summer is over,
Autumn will come.

Autumn leaves hit the ground,
Many colors,
From oranges to browns,
Colors of warmth,
Before the cold.

Kids start school again,
First Halloween passes,
Then Thanksgiving too,
Winter will be here soon,
And when December comes around,
When Autumn leaves,
Winter will be here.

The first snow flakes start to fall,
Until it reaches a half foot,
Children running and laughing,
Throwing snow balls at each other,
When the snow reaches a foot,
Tomorrow is a snow day.

The snow sparkles like glitter,
On a clear, crisp night,
The stars are shining clearly that night,
Christmas comes and goes like that,
Happy New Year!
As New Year’s Eve passes,
Winter is almost done.

Then the day of love comes,
There goes Valentine’s Day,
Out the door,
When March comes around,
Then the snow starts to melt,
When winter passes,
Spring is here again!

The whole cycle of seasons,
Into a year,
Every day,
Of every month,
Of every year,
Time flies,
Time passes,
Time goes by,
Time after time,
Things die,
But they’re still there,
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall,
Seasons pass,
Days go by,
And every season,
Happens in a year.


Time Flies

Time flies by like all things die,
Not a moment to waist,
Not a second to fly,
But I know I could waist it all,
I gotta stay strong, gotta stand tall.
Not a second in life
Gotta push forward, gotta move on,
Don’t hold on to things that die,
Nothing last forever,
Because time flies by
Like a second in time
Nothing last forever,
All things die,
Seasons will pass, as months go by,
I’m wasting my life away,
On something someday.


Learn to Understand

It took a while to understand.
To understand,
What was at hand.

It took a while to understand;
To feel the sand
Beyond this land.

To set a foot and
Take a stand.

To take a breath and
Know that life is grand.

It took a while to understand.
But even then,
Does anyone really want to?

Life itself,
The meaning,
The truth.
No one can understand.

Let life be,
And you will see.
Take my hand,
Then together,
We can understand.