While on Earth...

Though Star is from Crystaralight, she was raised on earth. She lived in Naperville, Illinois, and her friend Rose moved to Desplains. Star eventually ran away to Chicago.





This is the route that Star took to Niagara Falls:starsroute1.jpg

Her first stop was Toledo, Ohio.


Then later on, she ended up in Erie, Pennsylvania.


Skye and Gail had their own route.


This is the Niagara area:



When Skye and Gail got to Niagara fall, this is what they saw at Queen Victoria park:


canada12.jpg  canada1.jpg


This is what Star saw on Goat Island. This is the Canadian falls:


Here is the American falls:


Images courtesy of Google Earth ©

About The Starlit Solar System

The Starlit Sun's solar system is also called the Starlight Kingdom. It lies in the Realm of Light.

The first planet from the sun is near venus's position. It's called Cyrus, which means Sun. It is a desert like planet with little water, but it has rivers, oasies, and one big ocean. From night and day the tempature vary much. in the days it can reach up to 170o F in some areas. At night it can go down to -100o in some areas. The creatures who live there strive. Many are poor, but the royal family. There is many precous metals and rare elements there.And Cyrus is like one big Egypt. It has dunes and suprising volcanos and lava pits near the equator. Cyrus has 3 moons, mainly small.

Crystaralight is a planet much like Earth. It has all the aspects of Earth, but has seven moons. (the rest wil be explained later)

The 3rd planet from the Starlit sun is Sitera, which means Starlight. It's climate is like Alaska. It has cextra cold winter and cool summers. It has many mountain ranges and tundra. Also polar animals like Earth's. Penguins may been purple or blue though. Some of it's oceans are really really cold. The tepature on this planet vary from 60o F to -100o in some areas.


The 4th planet is Ratana, which means crystal. It's the ice planet. it has frozen oceans and an extremely cold climate. Tempature from 0o f to -200o F.  It is the most outer rocky planet, and the largest. It suffers an eternal winter. But most of it it frozen tundra, and rock. Like Mars, it's a planet of rock and ice. But there are crystal cavenrans and huge mountain. It has one lonely dead moon.

Jalenis, which means light, is the last know planet it this system. Sort of big with lots of COLD freezing extra weather, and it's light the planet neptune. It has so many moons and no life as far as we know) It is possible that one of the moons could host life. It has only 4 large moons. The rest are Rock, Ice, Iron and Nickle because of their astroid origin.


The World of Crystaralight

See better quality picture: http://princessstarshimmer.deviantart.com/#/d4ve28p

All about the planet Crystaralight

 Planet's Name: Crystaralight (Originally Chrystallysta)

What planet in the solar system it reasembles: Almost exactly like Earth, but with magical creatures and different stuff. The contidents are shaped differently.

What planet from the sun: 2nd, but in Earth's postion.

Terrian: from mountains to valley, and rivers and oceans. Deserts and many places. (sooo much like Earth)


Life? What then: Planets and animals and other stuff like on Earth. Magical and nonmagical.

How Many Moons?: 7

Name them: Cellestina, Spectris, Marinaqua, Garner/Pyritea, Malachitea, Cyana, Lunia

Magical Planet Info:

Highest Royal Family:

Current King and Queen: Queen Serenlyte Shinara (Seraphic) and King Zephyrasel (Cyanian)

Princesses: Princess Serallina Alaula Shinara

Princes: None

The Planet's Power: Deep Pure Starlight Magic of Creation and Energy from the Starlight Crystal

The Planet's sybolic creature: An Angel holding a sword and a staff. But Lustyria's sheild and national symbol has a pegahorn on it. That's a winged unicorn.





A country on Crystaralight, kinda were the USA would be on Earth. The capital city share's it's name. It's where the Crystal Light Palace is located and where the High Queen and King should be ruling. Here's a map I created: 


 Lustyria from Stargazer's Cliff:


 Lustyria at night:

Sileny's yellow cottage:

The Clearing and Boulder