Glossary of Information

Below this paragraph is an alphabetized list of important terms used in the Breathless series and what they mean. They are beings, creatures, organizations, nouns and verbs that are explained and defined. Characters and locations are on separate pages.

Breathless Terminology



Something that provide protection or holds power. Amulet can also be used a key to open portals or use certain magical items. Amulets are usually in the form of a necklace/pendent, but sometimes can be other type of jewelry. Amulets can be made out of gemstones and minerals. The ones that were created for the Royals were foraged around the time the child it born. The amulets must be infused with the wearer’s blood so it becomes specific to them. Then it must be charmed with the energies of Pure Starlight Magic and the elements that the child’s abilities a related to.

Amulet of Light:

Star’s amulet. It’s a key to the Starlight Crystal. The amulet looks sort of like a compass-star with eight points. The crystal is clear light blue and opal-like. It’s surrounded by a silver ring and hangs from a silver chain. Here is a picture:



Energy field that surrounds a person.


Another term for what Royals are since they can manifest wings.


An unbinding transformation, where the Royal’s abilities start to manifest and their magical attributes show.



When a Royal child is bound, their abilities and magical attributes are suppressed.


Crystalyte Palace:

Another name for the Crystal Light Palace

The Crystal of Light:

The same thing as the Starlight Crystal

Crystarian Lunimia:

A book within the Crystal Light Palace that will tell certain Royals what they want to know. It is said that it has more information a secrets that one could possibly imagine, even the true origins of Crystaralight. The book is charmed with an ancient spell and is greatly protected. Only a few amulets are the key to this book.


Citizens of the planet Crystaralight and its moons, though they may also be considered, for example, “Thunderians” (for the country Thunderia) or “Cyanians” (for the moon Cyana) as well as Crystarians.


A gemstone that is known a turquoise on Earth. Cyan means blue, but turquoise meant “Turkish stone,” since turquoise was abundant in Turkey on Earth. Since there is no Turkey on Crystaralight, Cyanatite is a more appropriate name.



Partially serpent/dragon-like humanoid demons that have scales, talons and red eyes, but can use glamour to appear human.


People from the desolate world of Dargania, where Dragona has ruled for centuries and still does from afar, but he now likes to take over other worlds too.

Dark Assassins:

Creatures that Dragona send to assassinate Royals.


A tyrant, Dragona’s title.

The Darkness:

Dragona’s army.

Dark Shifter:

A type of demon with the ability to shape shift, usually into a specific creature.

Dark Soldier:

Dragona’s guards, minions and police.Dreamweaver: A magic-user that has the ability to enter, create, control and communicate with other people’s dreams.





Ability to change one’s appearance to create a disguise or one’s ability to become invisible.

Great Creator:

What Crystarians call God.






Light Alliance:

The resistance against the Darkness, Crystarian warriors both magical and non-magical, Royal and non-royal working together and train to fight against Dragona and his army.

Lightning Warrior:

A warrior that uses the power of lightning and electricity in battle and defense. Many use a highly-conductive metal weapon that can shock of fry their opponent. Lightning Warriors are very uncommon. Most are Royals from Thunderia.


A type of plant-like fey people that live on Malachitea. They have green skin and eyes, but their hair colors vary.






A winged unicorn.


A means of transportation that Royals and certain magic-users use.

Pure Starlight Magic:

The energy stored within the Starlight Crystal that keeps the planet alive and the moons in check. With out it, Crystaralight would become a desolate waste-land.




A prince, princess, king or queen or someone with royal blood of the great countries or of the moons. All Crystarian Royals possess the ability to manifest a pair of wings on their back. The kind of wings depends on their line and ability. Most a feathered and bird-like. All royals have powers, and the type of power is also specific to them. The more powerful the Royal, the more abilities they have.



Another term used for the Royal-race.

Starlight Crystal:

A crystal that is within the Crystal Light Palace that contains Pure Starlight magic. It’s also called the Crystal of Light. The Amulet of Light is the key to this crystal’s magic.

Starlight Scepter:

A silver staff that is topped with a similar crystal and design to the Amulet of Light. It directs the amulet’s energy.





Watching Pool:

A pool of water that Dreamweavers and some other types of magic-users use to watch people and events from afar. It can also be used to communicate.