Star and her flock of Royals Book 1: Book 2: Book 3:

(Just add Kendra and Andrea and put Sileny back in it)


This is sort of what the characters would look like if they were real people:

 Who are these people really?

Well, I looked all over the internet for the right photos of what my character should somewhat look like. Star=Me. Rose=Kay, Sileny=Hunter, Chrissie=Marianne, Arella=Lori. As for the others... Dan=Zac Efron, Skye= Dakota Fanning, Gail=Elle Fanning, Aden=Young Logan Lerman, Tara=???, Andrea=???, Kendra=???. Google images...sooooo hard to find stuff.
(top=1st book, bottem=second and OC's by my friends Lori and Marianne)
A Note About Royal Abilities

Most, if not all Royals can eventually do the following:

-Manifest wings/flying

-Use glamours (Invisibility and changing appearance)


-Telepathy & empathy

-Intuition and precognition

-Open portals

-Channel an energy source/element, different royals have different powers based off of their line or heritage, they can control anything from water, fire, earth, air, light, plants, weather, ect.

Character Profiles






Earth Name: Sara A. Carlson

Crystarian Name: Princess Serallina Alaula Shinara

Nick Name: Star

Gender: Female

Age (at the beginning of the series): 14

Origin: Lustyria, Crystaralight

Where They Grew Up: Naperville, IL (near Chicago)

Personality: Somewhat overly sensitive, kind, caring, wimpy, whiney, helpful, artistic, understanding, smart, and a great leader all the same.

Wing Color: Pure white or opalescent

Amulet: “A pendant on a fine silver chain…The pendant was a distinct crystal shape of an eight-pointed star. It reminded me of the cardinal directions on a compass. The stars four longest points were inscribed on a silver circle that was even thinner than the chain, and surrounded buy an extremely delicate design of swirls. The star itself was a crystal only trapped on it edges. The backside of the pendant was almost identical to the front. The star crystal was clear but opalline and tinted blue. It was nothing like any gemstone I had even scene. In the center of the star, there was a faceted gem, like a blue opal with some violet and other colors in it's fire…On the sides of the silver ring there were tiny faceted gems in various colors, all lined up with the points of the star. The part that held the pedant to the chain was also silver and had a small diamond on it. The whole pendant was not even two inches across.”

Abilities: Light-Energy abilities. She also has some air magic because of her father (wind manipulation), but mainly her magic is like her mother’s. Pure Starlight Magic: energy manipulation, energy balls/blasts. And, of course, all the Royal abilities.

Other: She really likes Daniel. High Queen Serenlyte is her mother.

Some more concept drawings:



Earth Name: Skye Deerbrooke

Crystarian Name: Princess Skye Azura Cyan

Nick Name: Sky Blue, but it was only used by her mother.

Gender: Female

Age (at the beginning of the series): 13

Origin: Cyana

Where They Grew Up: Near New York City

Personality: Compassionate and stubborn, but airy and flowing. It’s hard to explain.

Wing Colors: Light blue, silver and white

Amulet: A turquoise feather-shaped pedant on a silver chain

Abilities: Can control air and wind. She’s also empathetic, like most Royals.

Other: She’s go from a foster home to other orphanages with her sister for almost six years. She cares for her sister a lot.



Earth Name: Gail Deerbrooke

Crystarian Name: Princess Gale Brianna Cyan

Nick Name: Gaily

Gender: Female

Age (at the beginning of the series): about 6

Origin: Cyana

Where They Grew Up: Near New York City

Personality: Playful, very sensitive, shy to new people. She can also be very evil at times. She can act like a spoiled brat though she isn’t spoiled. She just has a bad temper and can easily throw fits.

Wing Color: Light blue and white. Not as much silver.

Amulet: A cloud shaped turquoise pedant on a silver chain

Abilities: Can control the weather, sometimes by her emotions. She can make tornados, control the wind like her sister.

Other: She’s go from a foster home to other orphanages with her sister for almost six years (ever since she was a baby).

Some more concept drawings of both Skye and Gail together:


Lustyrian Name: Sileny Carrones

Lunian Name: Princess Silenial Serena Lunares

Nick Name: Sil

Gender: Female

Age (at the beginning of the series): 9

Origin: Lunia

Where They Grew Up: In Lustyria’s capital on Crystaralight.

Personality: Sweet, gentle, animal-lover, innocent and helpful. She’s also very independent for her age.

Wing Color: Gold

Amulet: A crescent-shaped moonstone pendant on a gold chain

Abilities: Moonlight magic

Other: She was raised by Genala and Bruno Carrones. Genala was good at protection magic, so she was also to protect Sileny.

Another concept drawing:


Name: Prince Daniel Thunderia

Nick Names: Dan-the-man, Danny-boy

Gender: Male

Age (at the beginning of the series): 15

Origin: Thunderia

Where They Grew Up: Thunderia’s capital, in an apartment underground because the palace was unsafe.

Personality: He has a great sense of humor. He’s cool and laidback somewhat, but pretty tough and strung-out when it comes to fighting the Darkness.

Wing Color: Silver

Amulet: A lightning bolt-shaped tiger eye pendent that used to be on a gold chain, but he kind of broke the gold chain so he puts it on a leather cord instead. Leather doesn’t conduct electricity as much.

Abilities: He’s a Lightning Warrior, so he has lightning abilities. He can control electricity. Shoot lightning bolts. He has a sword charged with electric magic and it’s pretty effective. He’s strong and fast, but only because of all the training he’s been through.

Other: He’s a high ranked soldier in the Light Alliance, but still a year away from becoming a full member. He highly skilled, though. Barrack, the King of Thunderia, is his dad. Aden is his brother. He also has a dog, a husky named Hubble. (Don’t ask why it’s named Hubble, like the astronomer guy)

Another concept drawing:


Name: Prince Aden Thunderia

Nick Name: Ade

Gender: Male

Age (at the beginning of the series): 10

Origin: Thunderia

Where They Grew Up: Thunderia’s capital, in an apartment underground because the palace was unsafe.

Personality: Silly, quite the jokester. He always doing pranks and fooling around, but when he is serious, like he is about being a soldier like his big bro, he can do very well.

Wing Color: Black/dark brown.

Amulet: A black onyx cabochon on a thicker iron chain.

Abilities: Thunder powers mainly related to sound waves.

Other: Looks up to his brother. He seeks adventure. He still think girls are gross.


Earth Name: Rose E. Farris

Crystarian Name: Princess Rosetta Flor Emer

Nick Name: Ro, Rosie Posey or just Rosie when she was little.

Gender: Female

Age (at the beginning of the series): 14

Origin: Malachitea

Where They Grew Up: Naperville, IL and then moved to Des Plains, IL, closer to Chicago.

Personality: Girly, ridiculous, fun, fasionista, friendly, social, cool.

Wing Color: Brown, like her hair, some underlying green feathers.

Amulet: A rose shaped pendant made of rose quartz and including a jade leaf behind it. It’s on a gold chain.

Abilities: Control over plants/living things. Love magic also. Basically the element earth plus emotion.

Other: She’s Star’s best friend since Star moved to Naperville.

Another concept drawing:



Earth Name: Tara

Crystarian Name: Princess Terra Gemma Emer

Nick Name: Tare

Gender: Female

Age (at the beginning of the series): 11

Origin: Malachitea

Where They Grew Up: Near Wichita, Kansas, on a farm. No joke.

Personality: Talkative, hyper, obnoxious and annoying because of it. She’s really interesting though.

Wing Color: Dark brown and light brown.

Amulet: An asymmetrical malachite pendant on a gold chain.

Abilities: Can control earth, move rock and cause earth quakes or erosion, land slides…all the fun stuff.

Other: She’s Rose’s sister, the one she never had and now does.


Earth Name: Andrea

Crystarian Name: Princess Andrealli Edana Garnette

Nick Name: Andy

Gender: Female

Age (at the beginning of the series): 15

Origin: Garner-Pyritea

Where They Grew Up: Beverly Hills, California

Personality: Slightly spoiled or stuck up. She act like a mean-bully girl and she very intelligent, skeptical and has a bad temper also. She loves to play with fire, definitely a pyro. At first she hates everyone, but then gets to know them and makes a truce. She’s especially mean to Kyana, but then they become close.

Wing Color: Red

Amulet: An almandine-garnet jewel on a gold flame and a gold chain.

Abilities: She can control fire. Fire-starter/pyro.

Other: She has amnesia for a while. She still can’t remember being in Aura’s flock.

Another concept drawing:


Earth Name: Kyana

Crystarian Name: Kyana Oceana Marine

Nick Name: Kylie

Gender: Female

Age (at the beginning of the series): 13 or 14

Origin: Mariaqua

Where They Grew Up: Miami, Florida

Personality: Sporty and fun-loving, loyal, happy-go-lucky, free-spirited.

Wing Color: Blue and violet, but mostly blue.

Amulet: A tear-drop shaped sapphire pendant on a silver chain.

Abilities: Can control water, freeze it some times or just move it. She can swim really well. Her great-great-grandmother was a mermaid, so she can transform into a mermaid sometimes, through she has wings.

Other: In Florida, she used to surf and swim. The beach was her hang out and she liked the dolphins.





Characters that I may use:

Full Name: Princess Celina Stella Celesta-Shine
Earth Name: Celina
Origin: Celestina
Power: Celestial Crystal Starlight
Species: angel
Amulet (gemstone): opal on a silver chain
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: blue
Skin: light
Age: 15
Personality: very persistent and smart, caring
Their magical form looks: Pink dress with log skirt
Where on Earth They Live: California, near San Fran. (we think)

Earth Name: Alena (Ally as a nick name)
Origin: Celestina
Power: Celestial Starlight Magic
Species: anglewinx like pegahorn
Amulet: Blue-white Opal on a silver chain
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: light
Age: 14
Personality: upbeat and smart
Their magical form looks: Light blue & white
Where on Earth They Lived: Michigan
Other: Is like a twin to starshimmer, they become great friends


RPG Angels on the Run! Blog characters made by other people:

Chrissie-(Krystal) she has ice powers and her hair was blond (now made pink) and her eyes are blue. She has cotton candy pink wings. She's from Arctica, the northern part of Mariaqua (and Kyana's her cousin, and not the mermaid side obviously) She lived at an orphanage too. She has a sister named Renee. (chissie's 11)

Full Name: Princess Krystyna Icia Frostella
Earth Name: Christina/Chrissie
Origin: Arctica, the Northern part of Marinaqua
Power: Ice, Frost and Snow
Species: Angel
Amulet (what gemstone, how it looks): A big oval silver diamond
Hair: Long and bright pink, because Elara cast a spell on it. It was golden blond originally.
Eyes: Turquoise
Skin: Light
Age: 11
Personality: Hyper and bubbly. Calm at times. Sweet but can get angry sometimes. When she does get angry, she can make stuff blow up.
Their magical form looks: A colour-scheme of silver, white, blue and pale pink. Her wings are big and feathery and white-pink. A short blue top with silver sparkling crystals round the neck and hem line. A white slanted-hemmed mini-skirt with white-pink ruffles round the bottom. Long silver boots with blue, white and pink crystals on. Lots of silver jewellery.
Where on Earth They Lived: New Jersey
Other: She has an older sister called Renee
Full Name: Princess Alena Selee Vega

Arella-(Elara) from New Jersey...she has pink and yellow wings, blondish-brown hair, blue eyes, light and crystal, celestial-sun powers. She's from Cellestina, the celestial moon and she' 12

Full Name: Princess Elara Aura Celesta-Shinara
Earth Name: Arella Ratana
Origin: Cellestina
Power: Cellestial Pegasus Sunlight (just light really...she's not sure)
Species: angel winx
Amulet: sunstone on a gold chain
Hair: brunette on earth (blond in magical form)
Eyes: hazel (blue)
Skin: light/fair
Age: 10 or 11
Personality: Bubbly ... like a bunny!
Their magical form looks: Yellow white and gold two peice dress
Where on Earth They Lived: New Jersey (right?)

Amaya- From Spectris(rainbow moon), she's also blue and has colorful eyes and rainbow powers and rainbowish wings....about age 13Full Name: Amaya...

Earth Name:
Origin: Spectris
Power: Rainbow
Amulet (what gemstone, how it looks):
Their magical form looks:
Where on Earth They Lived:

Dannii- from both Thunderia and Cellestina. Has light, crystal and lightning powers, She's 12, and blond too with blue eyes...her wing are white speckled with lavender.

Full Name: Daniiella
Earth Name: Danii
Origin: Thunderia and Celestina
Amulet (what gemstone, how it looks):
Their magical form looks:
Where on Earth They Lived:



Other Characters

The Bad Guys:

Dragona, M, Dark Lord of Dargania. He's essentially a demon of Darkness

Darkstar, F, Star's dark opposite. Can posses people, control minds and use darkness.

Other Royals:

Zerphyraysel, Star's real father, King of Lustyria

Serenlyte, Star's real mother, Queen of Lustyria

Dawna, The Dreamweaver, Serenlyte's oldest sister.

Calen, Serenlyte's oldest brother.

Opalla, Serenlyte's younger sister

Lumina, Serenlyte's younger-younger  sister

Azulia,Serenlyte's youngest  sister

Fawna, Serenlyte's older sister

Anistasia, Opalla's daughter

Almandine, Andrea's mother

Raelivin (Raye), Sileny's older brother

Selee, Silney's older sister

Síanryla Shynaryan, an ancient queen of Crystaralight


Aura's Flock (by Aura)

Aura (Aurelia Drake) F, red blond hair, red wings, from Pyrite

Lorelei (Lori) F

Amber, F, from Pyrite

Renee, F, from Arctica

Tempest, M, from Cyana

Taima, F, Cyana

Tynan, M

Diego/Drake (Marcus Diego Drake) M, from Pyrite

Apollo (Arthur Apollo Drake) M, from Pyrite

Andrea (originally) (Andrea Samantha Drake) F, from Pyrite

Luna Selene, F, from Crystaralight

Lucy (Lucinda Eleanor Drake) F, from Pyrite



 Non-Royal Characters:

Trysten Wyte, M, Light Alliance official from Thunderia and 25 yeras old, friend of Daniel's father.




New Character Profile Set-Up

This is the new and very detailed character profile form that I've set up. I'll use it on the "flock" mostly. This will take a long time to complete, but I'll be using the shorten versions for now.


Full Earth Name:

Full Crystarian Name:

Nick Name:


Age (at the beginning of the series):



Where They Grew Up:


Earth Parents:

Real Parents:






Other Interests:



Skin Tone:





Magical Items:

Magical Form Appearance/Outfit:


Love Interests: